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Corporate Law

« Our lawyers answer all your questions – from the simplest to the most complex – on all aspects of corporate law. »

Lex4u is often called upon to deal with issues related to the creation of a company, the choice of company form, the drafting of articles of association and shareholders’ agreements, the transfer of shares, the acquisition of equity interests, the organisation and administration of a company, the support of companies in difficulty (judicial reorganisation, voluntary liquidation).

In addition to company law in general, our practice focuses in particular on:

– Mergers and acquisitions

– The creation of your company, including non-profit associations

– Administrators’ liability

– Disputes between shareholders and shareholders’ agreements

– Corporate reorganization

– Insolvency

– Transfer of shares

Corporate governance

We also draw your attention to the progressive entry into force of the new Code of Companies and Associations. We can assist you in the compliance of your company with the new Code. Remember that you only have until 1 January 2024 to adapt your company to the new Code.


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