Areas of Practice


Audit of the existing system & Action plan

We analyse the GDPR documentation that may already be in place within the company and draw up an action plan for your company’s GDPR compliance.

This type of audit takes the following form:

– Online questionnaires of data subjects in the departments;

– Analysis by our team of the information collected in these questionnaires;

– Inventory of personal data processing carried out by the company ;

– Establishment of an audit report allowing to make an inventory of the existing situation and to present an action plan concerning the actions to be undertaken for the compliance with the RGPD;

– Following receipt of these questionnaires, we will validate them to ensure that we have all the necessary information for the establishment:

on the one hand, an inventory of the processing operations carried out within the company; and

on the other hand, the audit report and the drafting of an action plan concerning the actions to be taken to comply with the GDPR.

Audit of websites

We highlight the changes you need to make to make your website GDPR compliant:

– Drafting of an audit report on the privacy and data protection aspects of the website;

– Definition of the legal basis for data processing ;

– Checking and setting up the necessary opt-ins.

IT audit: Security Check

Companies must put in place technical and organisational measures to ensure data security and to prevent any breach of personal data.

We work together with a network of IT partners who test the durability of your IT system and give you optimal technical advice.


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