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Train your teams to get the best out of them

The GDPR requires that you educate and train your teams on data protection. Without becoming IT security experts, allow your team to become familiar with the concepts of the GDPR but especially to acquire the good practices in data protection.
Active in data protection for more than 20 years, the Lex4u team trains and educates your teams through webinars or training sessions within your company.

Training Plan :

General awareness

– Theoretical and practical awareness
– Objective: demystify the RGPD

Training in the management and application of rights

Based on practical cases drawn from our experience, we train your teams to manage and respond to requests for the exercise of rights recognized by the GDPR

Data breach management

– Practical applications of data breach cases and their management
– Learning how to set up a violation management procedure
– Setting up an intervention procedure: What ? How ? Who ? When ?

DPO project management training

– A global view of a GDPR project
– Compliance
– The procedures
– Data transfer management


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