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Intellectual and industrial property


« Lex4u assists you in the development of strategies for the legal protection of ideas related to your business projects. »

Starting up a company or a start-up implies carrying out multiple legal steps in order to protect its future commercial activity from competition.

Indeed, any “normally careful” entrepreneur is quickly led to choose signs that distinguish him or her from (potential) competitors. This applies in particular to the company’s name, a trade name (often associated with a domain name), or logos related to its activity.

In addition, every company intends to guarantee the discretion of its project (or concept/product/service) by means of a confidentiality agreement and must quickly take appropriate steps under so-called “intellectual property” law.

Intellectual property is the umbrella term for a set of “exclusive” rights (i.e. “ownership”) attached to “creations of the mind” (i.e. “intellectual property”). Within this broad field of intellectual property, a distinction is made between:

Literary and artistic property, i.e. copyright law
Industrial property, i.e. trademark law, design law and patent law
Any proceedings relating to unfair competition
Domain names
Electronic commerce
Telecommunications and the Internet (including questions about “Internet of Things”)
Lex4u assists you in the development of a legal protection strategy for your commercial project, from the choice of the domain name, to the registration of your future trademark (and the territorial scope of its protection) or even the registration of an industrial design or the protection of your invention.

Our lawyers provide preventive assistance in the drafting of contracts and the fulfillment of intellectual property formalities and regularly stand before the Belgian courts in order to defend your commercial interests and to protect you against any form of unfair competition.


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