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1. What does Legaltechs mean ?

The term Legaltechis an acronym that appeared at the end of the 2000’s and is a contraction of two terms : Legal & Technology. It actually covers the use of technology to develop and offer legal products and services accessible to legal users, from the simple user to professionals.
With more than 20 years of experience, and in collaboration with a team of developers, Lex4u has developed through various partnerships an expertise in the creation of tailor-made legaltech solutions.

2. Our expertise

The implementation of a Legaltech solution varies according to the needs of each situation, and the firm makes it its mission to tailor its services to the needs of clients. Here is a range of what we offer:

Online platform and automatically generated documents

– Simplification and Accessibility –

Many contractsand other everyday legal documents are currently standardized, or have to comply with specific obligations governing their content and form. In addition, the experience acquired within the firm has enabled us to develop certain standard models for such documents and forms.

What we propose is to simplify the drafting of such legal documents. Indeed, we model the different documents in such a way that you only have to answer a survey. This survey is similar to the questions that a legal professional might ask you during a consultation in order to draft such a document.

This survey is thenaccessible via a platform developed by us where you can find all the models, the surveys related to them with an accompaniment in the various stages of filling the document, adapted to the needs of each document and all of this according to your preferences.

The great advantage of this system, apart from simplifying the drafting of various legal documents, is above all that it allows for constant updatingof the various documents. Indeed, law is a living branch where every day new developments appear in various fields. Laws or case law force contracts and other documents to be adapted. Instead of having to modify all the documents, we facilitate the process by updating the template directly via the platform.

CMS systems (Contract Management Software)

– Management and Resolution –

A CMS system is a platform allowing, in addition to the drafting of documents and contracts as seen previously, to manage the various stages of the life of contracts that can take place within a company or any other structure.

Indeed, the day-to-day management of the various contracts can sometimes be a headache : between renewal deadlines, statutes of limitations, and other points of attention, an omission can quickly occur.

Our solution to these difficulties is a management tool developed by us that allows you to create your contracts, and to assign alerts to them regarding certain information. As in the examples given above, it is possible to create alerts to renew a contract that is about to expire, to make sure you don’t forget a limitation period that could harm your company or your structure, to draw your attention to a particular point in a contract, to manage your stocks, etc.

With this tool, we strive to put in place an ecosystem that allows you to solve the main problems that may arise during the birth, existence and end of a contract, and also events after the end of the contract’s life.

This ecosystem is user-friendly, in the sense that we offer a tool that is easy to use, with a dashboard that allows you to access the different information you need and to have an overall view of the situation within your company or structure.


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