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The fees

“Transparent billing helps to maintain a calm and healthy relationship with the client.”


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The package

In certain cases, where there is little room for uncertainty (drafting or revising contracts, company articles of association, general terms and conditions, etc.), we are able to assess the services required fairly precisely. We can therefore agree a fixed fee with you for all the work involved.


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Hourly rate

between €150 and €200 excluding VAT.

The hourly rate varies according to the financial importance of the dispute, the difficulty or urgency of the case and your financial capacity. The hourly rate also varies according to the service performed

The hourly rate for a trip is not the same as for a pleading!

We work with computer software that records the time spent on your file (time sheet). You can request an overview of the time spent on the file at any time.


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Percentage of stake

Percentage of stake

Under this method, fees are calculated as a percentage of the actual amount at stake in the case. It is calculated at the end of this period, taking into account the result obtained. However, the law prohibits making fees depend exclusively on the result obtained.

The percentage applied may vary depending not only on the result obtained, but also on the same parameters as those applied to the hourly rate.


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Other methods

There are other methods of calculating fees, such as :

global lump sum: the total amount of fees for a case is fixed as a minimum and/or maximum lump sum: it is agreed that the fees (established according to one of the main calculation methods) will not be lower than a minimum and/or higher than a maximum fixed in advance.

combined method: fees are calculated using a combination of two or more calculation methods. For example, a particularly attractive hourly rate with a success fee.

subscription: fees consist of a lump sum for a certain period of time (month, quarter, half-year or year) or for a certain number of cases. This type of method generally works well for debt recovery (rent, invoices, etc.).

Who pays the fees?

Unlike in other countries (e.g. Germany), the winning party’s legal fees are not reimbursed by the losing party.

Each party must therefore bear the full cost of its own lawyer’s fees and expenses.

However, the unsuccessful party must reimburse legal costs (bailiff’s fees, expert appraisals, etc.) and also pay an indemnity, known as a procedural indemnity, the amount of which varies, in part, according to the stakes involved in the dispute.

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Nous traiterons vos données conformément à notre politique de confidentialité que vous pouvez consulter ici.