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Our skills

We apply the law to digital and business issues.

From idea to reality: our team is committed to supporting you at every legal stage.

« Together, we are building a bold, ambitious and pragmatic strategy. »

Whether you need advice, legal proceedings or out-of-court dispute management, you can count on Lex4u, a human-scale, agile and specialist law firm.

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Digital law and IT contracts

Tailor-made advice and specialist in new legal challenges.
New technology law. Internet law. Digital economy.
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Compliance and RGPD

Implementation of a global compliance strategy to protect your interests. RGPD compliance. Training courses. Audit.
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Business law

Negotiation and assistance in the day-to-day running of your business. Commercial law. Contract law. Company law.
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Intellectual and industrial property

Protecting your ideas and know-how
Copyright. Competition law. Trademarks and patents.

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