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Frédéric Dechamps

Associate lawyer

Associate lawyer

Frédéric has been a lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 1997, and founded Lex4u immediately after his internship. He specialises in commercial law, intellectual property and digital law. An entrepreneurial and digital economy enthusiast, he is the founder of several successful legaltechs in Belgium and Europe. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of DPO News, published by Anthemis.

“You don’t look like a lawyer”. That’s what he hears from him. Perhaps because Frédéric, with his unique approach to life and his profession, shows that stereotypes are made to be broken. A keen debater, he finds immense satisfaction in helping his customers and feeling useful. Rather than following the ready-made path, he values independence and creativity and despises routine. His escapes? The sea, sailing, diving. His favourite quote? The greatest achievement is to be yourself!