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« Let's deploy the best legal and business strategies to anchor your company in the digital ecosystem. »

New digital uses are raising new issues for you:

  • How do you use personal data while complying scrupulously with the GDPR?
  • What are the contractual obligations of companies when dealing with online consumers?
  • How do you launch a project based on new technologies (AI, blockchain) or Web 3.0?
  • How do you manage the image of your company on social networks?
  • More generally, how can you ensure the long-term future of your business in the digital age?

Lex4u is a firm specialising in innovation, offering in-depth risk analysis, a strategy tailored to your objectives and practical solutions for operational staff.

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Our commitments?

  • Secure your project from a regulatory and contractual point of view.
  • Anticipate legislative changes and market requirements.
  • Be ambitious while minimising risks.
  • Manage relationships with customers, prospects and suppliers.
  • Negotiate alongside you and be a driving force in discussions.
  • Protecting your company’s reputation.

Client case study IT contract

Jean Jean, founder of a start-up, is looking to develop an online platform. To ensure successful and secure development, he wants to hire an IT services company and has asked us to help him draw up an IT services contract.

Mission duration: 3 months

Challenges identified

  • Ensure that project specifications are clearly defined and respected.
  • Protect the platform’s intellectual property.
  • Draw up a tailor-made and protective contract.

Strategy and actions taken on the ground

  • Audit of existing contracts: legal analysis of general terms and conditions and all contractual documents.
  • Drafting: clear clauses on delivery times, penalties for late delivery and post-delivery guarantees.
  • Liability: clarification of the commitments of each party to avoid grey areas and unnecessary disputes.

Results achieved

  • Working in complete confidence with the IT service provider.
  • Visibility over the mission.
  • Legal certainty for all parties.

Cas client droit du numérique

Sophie Martin, founder of a video-sharing platform, faces a number of legal challenges relating to user data protection and copyright.

Mission duration: 9 months

Challenges identified

  • Find a process for using user data while complying with the RGPD.
  • Protect the copyright of shared content.

Strategy and actions taken on the ground

  • Audit: working with other lawyers in different jurisdictions to secure the merger from a tax, commercial and intellectual property perspective.
  • Compliance: implementation of an RGPD strategy including information, exercise of rights and consent.
  • Copywriting: drafting GTCs and TOUs to clarify copyright on shared content, thus avoiding potential legal action.

Results achieved

  • A relationship of trust with users.
  • Protecting players’ fundamental rights.
  • No known disputes to date.

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