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« Trust, confidentiality and respect for data are values you need to integrate if you want to remain competitive and ensure the long-term future of your business. »

For companies, the current challenge is to strike a balance between profitability and regulatory compliance:

  • How can you make the most of the obligations imposed by the GDPR?
  • How can you make economic use of your users’ personal data while complying with the regulations?
  • How can you protect your reputation and avoid financial and legal scandals?
  • What guarantees should be put in place to ensure rapid growth while complying with the regulations?

Lex4u is a compliance and GDPR specialist firm that supports companies in their quest for business strategy. We are committed to offering you realistic solutions that are sustainable over time.

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Our commitments?

  • Implementing a GDPR policy in several steps.
  • Work with your internal teams to implement an operational GDPR strategy.
  • Anticipate the directives of the Data Protection Authority (DPA) and the regulatory authorities.
  • Defend your interests and negotiate the best deal in the event of an audit or legal proceedings.
  • Building a legal and business vision that complies with the regulations.

Client case study GDPR

  • TechSecure (not its real name), an IT security specialist, is aiming to expand across Europe.

    To achieve this, it needs to comply rigorously with the GDPR, not only to comply with the regulations, but also to build trust with future customers.

    Mission duration: ongoing

    Challenges identified

    • Identify the types of personal data collected, processed and stored by the company through a rapid and pragmatic audit.

    • Implement internal policies and procedures to guarantee transparency, consent and the rights of individuals with regard to their data;

    • Choose appropriate security measures to protect personal data against breaches and unauthorised access.

    Strategy and actions taken on the ground

    • Complete assessment of data processing activities: categories of personal data collected, purposes of processing and corresponding legal bases;

    • Procedures: drafting of confidentiality policies, implementation of an internal process with TechSecure teams for notifications of consent and responses to requests to exercise rights;

    • Data security: selection of technical and operational measures with IT security experts and advice on governance in the event of a data breach.

    Results achieved

    • Close collaboration between the firm and the TechSure teams to propose a compliant, actionable and optimised GDPR strategy;

    • Peaceful business development thanks to a controlled, transparent and reliable GDPR strategy;

    • Enhanced reputation thanks to exemplary compliance that inspires confidence among customers and users.

Client case study compliance

PharmaCare (not its real name), a company operating in the pharmaceutical sector, aims to strengthen its compliance with international and local regulations on health, safety and business ethics.

Mission duration: ongoing

Challenges identified :

  • Identify potential compliance risks that could affect PharmaCare’s operations.
  • Create policies and procedures that are compliant with regulations and adapted to the corporate culture.
  • Educate employees on compliance standards and best ethical practices.
  • Establish a tracking and reporting system to monitor compliance and report potential issues.

Strategy and actions taken on the ground :

  • Risk assessment: audit and risk analysis of PharmaCare’s operations from a regulatory, ethical and financial perspective.
  • Identification of areas of vulnerability and prioritisation of actions to be taken in order to establish a realistic action plan.
  • Policy development: in collaboration with PharmaCare’s internal teams, developing specific policies and procedures in line with current regulations and the company’s culture.
  • Training and awareness: educating employees about the potential risks, the consequences of non-compliance and the actions to be taken to report problems.
  • Monitoring: setting up an automated tracking system to monitor compliance with policies and to report any incidents.
  • Reporting: quantified feedback to report on compliance progress.

Results achieved :

  • Improving compliance governance.
  • Implementation of processes on the ground with internal teams.
  • Involvement of employees.
  • Added value for reputation in terms of ethics and responsibility.

Client case study defense in front of the the Data Protection Authority

DataSecure (not its real name), which specialises in collecting and processing customer data, is facing an investigation by the Data Protection Authority (DPA) following a complaint about possible breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The investigation could have serious financial and reputational consequences for DataSecure.

Mission duration: 9 months

Challenges identified :

  • Examine in detail the complaint lodged to the authority and assess its validity in relation to the provisions of the GDPR.
  • Gather the necessary evidence and documentation to rebut the allegations and demonstrate DataSecure’s compliance.
  • Communicate effectively with the authority to resolve the investigation in a manner favourable to DataSecure.

Strategy and actions taken on the ground :

  • Analysis of the complaint: identification of the points on which DataSecure might have difficulties.
  • Preparing the defense: in collaboration with DataSecure’s internal teams, gathering the necessary evidence (privacy policies, consents obtained and security measures) to demonstrate the company’s compliance with the RGPD.
  • Negotiation with the authority: Proactive communication to provide accurate and documented responses to its requests for information and presentation of the measures taken by DataSecure to resolve the issues raised.

Results achieved :

  • Out-of-court settlement with measures to improve data processing practices.
  • No financial penalty.
  • Preservation of reputation.

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